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Picture Yourself Here

You found each other. Now, you are on an epic search for that beautifully out of the box venue that speaks to your forever. You are looking for something different, and if you have been looking long, you know there are plenty of barns and ballrooms. We’re Different. Champagne Ranch is not just a venue – we’re wedding and event creators (with over 25 years experience) who just so happen to homestead in one of the most beautiful French Country wedding and event backdrops in East Texas. We design the wedding to your bride and groom style, and we offer turnkey services to totally execute your vibe. We curate your wedding in a way that will not be replicated, and we can bring just about any vision that you have for your special day to life. We believe in producing weddings that are completely reflective of you.


Featured Wedding

She's the Whiskey in My Teacup Wedding

If you want to open a wedding venue and kick it off with all guns blazing, you book a Whiskey Wedding. Yes. This is the wedding of our fearless leader, and the devil is definitely in the creative details on this one. It will push all the envelopes on conventional wedding wisdom, and you can forget outside the box, this wedding will literally crush the box and throw it in the burn pile.

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